Opinion: This is the true legacy of ‘Succession’

(CNN) — It is not easy to go out on top, especially in the world of entertainment. As long as audience demand exists, there’s a producer ready to greenlight one more season, one more album, one more sequel, one more farewell tour. However, with the series finale of HBO’s “Succession” arriving over Memorial Day weekend, the world of TV is once again being reminded that one of the hallmarks of a truly great series is to know when to call it quits.

There was a time when TV networks, especially HBO, made a point of ending shows at the right moment, be it after three seasons of “Deadwood” or six of “The Sopranos” in the pre-streaming era. Other dramas that ended at the perfect moment: AMC’s “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.” Classic sitcoms like “Friends” and “Parks and Recreation” also walked away before it became too much.